Safeguarding your Internet

Parental controls, privacy & protection. On demand & on schedule.


The Pieni247 Safeguarding Router provides a new filtered WiFi hotspot to your existing Internet connection.

At home, or while travelling, simply connect the Pieni device to an existing network connection & protect all connected devices. Your little Wifi notspot® is an assistant to help you safeguard your family online.

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Use the intuitive & secure administration dashboard to block content on demand or on schedule.

You can block social media, online gaming, advertisements including mobile apps!, adult content, the ‘dark web’, video streams  and a whole lot more!

The Pieni247 uses a 64-bit quad core computer with an integrated fan that adjusts to temperature, solid aluminium casing & our bespoke software designed to cope with the stresses of being a shared family router.

Every Pieni247 router is UK assembled & tested.


Gone are the days of blocking a site by a single IP address!  Modern applications such as Snapchat or YouTube span thousands of addresses and re-route themselves as necessary through their network.

The Pieni is aware of, and can block, entire network owners by assignment. It can stop gaming networks and attempts to bypass restrictions via proxies or VPNs.

In a web largely hosted by the big 5 (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft,  and Apple), blocking sites by their domain name is far from trivial.  Any sizeable  operation will span multiple domains & subdomains.

The Pieni uses a swiss-army knife of advanced pattern matching techniques, forces DNS, can block advertisements & known malware sites.

Services such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are known to port-hop as needed. Blocking a service is no longer as simple as blocking a single port.

The Pieni looks at different levels of the network stack, identifying services by their footprint. It is also aware of the deep web & can block torrents, tor, ransomware, xbox live, psn, nintendo & more

No subscription & free updates blocking new threats.

Our router provides powerful protection from inappropriate exposure. We are committed to tackling the tough issues. Grooming, bullying, gaming addiction, pornography, social media & the mental health implications. Owners receive the latest threat updates for free though we encourage you to also report new threats.